2016 VOSJ FOIA Requests

#312January 1, 2016Greg NelsonResponse to DCEO due December 23, 2016
#313January 8, 2016Kim RaweRequested recording from January 7, 2016 Planning & Public Facilities Committee Mtg.
#314January 10, 2016Kim RaweRequested recording from November Planning & Public Facilities Committee Mtg.
#315January 14, 2016Greg NelsonVillage response due January 15, 2016 to DCEO
#316January 15, 2016Adam RaweRecords re: vegetation clearing in field north of Gordon Jumper CPA office & Southland Park Rd.
#317January 15, 2016Kim RaweProcedures for establishing new or revised ordinances
#318January 26, 2016Anonymous-Joe Public/Colby HuffEmails from Trustees, Mayor, Clerk specific to Paula Stewart
#319January 28, 2016Shelia MeyersAll documents 2010-2016 for Concert in the Cornfield
#320January 29, 2016Kim RawePolice data from 2005-2015 for Hardin, Greenwood, Magnolia, and Hall Drive
#321February 5, 2016Colby HuffCell phone bills & petty cash reports from June 2015-January 2016
#322March 11, 2016Kim RaweAudios from March 10, 2016 Plan Comm & Zoning Board of Appeals Mtgs
#323March 1, 2016Attorney Donald CravenPrevious severance payments; separation agreements; and records re: termination & separation of Kathy Simpson
#324March 24, 2016Colby HuffLetter from Chief Josh Hallock in response to Trustee inquiry of non-police personnel driving squad car
#325March 25, 2016Kim RaweEstimates on building restrooms at Godfrey Park. Invoices & Receipts for items & contracted work, estimated & actual cost
#326April 5, 2016Adam RaweOrdinance pertaining to trailers parked on Village streets-specifically overnight
#327April 22, 2016Greg NelsonOrdinance to vehicle weight limit of Magnolia Dr
#328April 22, 2016Greg NelsonPurchase records/proof of ownership on Police Dept (2) Humvees
#329April 22, 2016Greg NelsonRecords pertaining to purchase of street signs West Hall Drive & Orlando Drive
#330May 10, 2016Adam RaweRecords re: monetary or other gifts to VOSJ from PermaBound- Hetzberg or corporate officers
#331May 11, 2016Kim RaweA list of all FOIA requests since January 1, 2016-present at VOSJ
#332May 11, 2016Kim RaweMeeting minutes, notes, ordinance etc re: DCEO grant at Hardin; 7 ton weight limit sign
#333May 23, 2016Kim RaweRecords pertaining to donations made to VOSJ or any VOSJ event January 1, 2005-December 31, 2015
#334May 31, 2016Jim McCabeSouth Jacksonville accounts payable invoice report for May 2016
#335June 6, 2016Anon TrustElectronic communications, emails & text messages between trustees regarding celebration, concert, 5K, Waltrip, Glascock, Hickox, W/S & PD Union negotiations, new fire truck, police car
#336June 7, 2016Jim McCabe-WLDSAudio of Finance Comm Meeting March 3, 2016 where squad car was discussed
#337June 7, 2016Kim RaweCorrespondence (2015-present) between Village employees, elected officials, IDOT, engineering firms. RE: Hardin Traffic Study
#338June 10, 2016Stacey PinkertonAudio of May 23, 2016 personnel & Finance Comm. Meeting
#339August 20, 2016Colby HuffAudio recording of August 4, 2016 and August 18, 2018 Committee meetings
#340August 20, 2016Greg NelsonDocumentation of Pre-Approval Process of spending Tif money
#341August 28, 2016Mike WoodyardBack up, emails on backup, disposal records, LOCIS off-site info & payments & contracts, Audio of Executive Session of December 2015 Mtg. Current bank statements, water savings acct.
#342September 28, 2016Colby HuffVehicles purchased, leased or sold during January 1, 2013- September 28, 2013
#343October 5, 2016Colby HuffVehicles purchased, leased or sold during January 1, 2013- September 28, 2016
#344October 15, 2016Mike WoodyardCorrespondence from Benton & Associates re: IML Dinner. Copy of a receipt/check reimbursing Benton & Associates or donating to an “approved” charity. List of who attended the 2016 IML Conference
#345October 27, 2016Attorney Chuck McNeelyRequested reports containing the Detail General Ledgers, Vendor Payment Ledgers, Gross Pay for Employees, Annual Expenditures and Annual Revenues
#346November 14, 2016Kim RaweResults & conclusions of 6-months traffic study of Hardin Ave. by SJPD
#347November 15, 2016Tyson MankerNotices of intent to excavate & building permits for 154 E Pennsylvania, communications. RE flooring
#348November 29, 2016Attorney John Myers & Rena ParadesAudio, text messages, emails re: 1724 S. Main; and special use applications within the past 5 years
#349December 6, 2016Colby HuffMaterials distributed during December 5, 2016 Committee Mtg.
#350December 7, 2016Nick DraperDocuments handed out RE: reconsideration of Christmas Party
#351December 8, 2016Colby HuffContracts, written exchanges & communication between VOSJ & Elks RE: Christmas Party
#352December 9, 2016Christine HuffPayroll for July & November 2016
#353December 15, 2016Colby HuffAudios from November 21 & December 5, 2016- Personnel & Finance Comm; Audio from November 28, 2016- Facilities Comm.
#354December 16, 2016Colby HuffRequest for standing FOIA
#355December 19, 2016Kim RaweAll the letters Kim Rawe has sent to the Village via e-mail
#356December 20, 2016Marc GreenePetitions submitted for all candidates for office from December 12, 2016- December 20, 2016
#357December 28, 2016Allen ReichertTIF request of Reichert’s Banquet

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