2017/18 VOSJ FOIA Requests

#358January 3, 2017Colby HuffContractual agreements between VOSJ & Elks from 1996 until 2015; request expedited by 1/4/2017
#359January 5, 2017Nick Draper/Jacksonville Journal CourierFOIA requests for 2017-Standing FOIA
#360January 9, 2017DeeAnn RoomeOrdinances regarding semi trucks and ordinances regarding the noise caused by large over-sized vehicles
#361January 19, 2017Tim AllenInfo on 2401 Holliday Lane-occupancy permits, underground storage tanks and building violations and general building permit.
#362February 2, 2017Mike WoodyardSee SJPD FOIA #17-046
#363February 2, 2017Mike WoodyardSee SJPD FOIA #17-046
#364February 7, 2017Colby HuffBoard of Trustee meeting minutes of December 2016 and January 2017
#365February 17, 2017Nick KovatchVideo/surveillance footage from SJPD between 3-3:15 p.m. and 3:55- 4:20 p.m. on 1/21/17, specifically footage from cameras 4, 6 and 8
#366February 20, 2017Mike WoodyardVideo from the SJPD security cameras on Sunday, 1/22/17 04:00 to 12:00 hours
#367February 16, 2017Mark Green, IITrustee communication costs with attorneys for past 12 months; text/ communications of Trustees violating OMA; communications with news outlets or social media
#368February 23, 2017Harry JenningsIndex of ordinances; ordinances dealing with political yard signs, electioneering and/or campaigning, and handbilling.
#369February 23, 2017Harry JenningsAudio from the June 2016 Special Board Meeting
#370March 3, 2017Colby HuffSecurity camera footage taken during “wet lab” training held at SJPD used during investigation into actions allegedly committed by Chief Hallock that prompted administrative leave
#371March 6, 2017Jo WaltripSJPD 1/21/17 video used in investigation and viewed by Trustees and attorneys; any leaked documents to news organizations and bloggers; any investigative material allowed to be viewed dealing with investigation
#372March 6, 2017Mike AustinVideo and other documents for suspension and investigation of Hallock; any other document pertaining to this investigation included in such any document of vote by Trustees
#373March 8, 2017Samantha Ogeletree/ Jacksonville Journal CourierVideo footage from 1/21/17 from 3 – 4:20 p.m. and 1/22/17 from 4 a.m. – 12 noon
#374March 8, 2017Viewing“Wet Lab” (1/21/17) video footage viewing @ 4 p.m.
#375March 9, 2017Viewing“Wet Lab” (1/21/17) video footage viewing @ 4 p.m.
#376March 9, 2017Dick Samples; Jason HillCamera angle in Sgt. Office on 1/21/17
#377March 9, 2017Viewing“Wet Lab” (1/21/17) video footage viewing @ 7 p.m.
#378March 9, 2017Samantha Ogletree/ Jacksonville Journal CourierList of viewers for video during 3 viewing sessions held 3/8 and 3/9; reports/investigations re: authorized entry/security breaches in last 12 months
#379March 9, 2017Mike Woodyardonfirmation that no officer was on duty 1/21/17 from 00:00 to 13:00 hours or that duty logs were not maintained; video from any other entrance into SJPD on 1/21/17 from 00:01 and 13:00 hours, including access from SJFD; 1/21/17 video known to exist by the fact portions are being displayed for public which shows the ‘computer security breach’ incident Sgt Wilson filed an ‘official report’ on; 2/9/17 or other ‘executive session minutes’ showing the majority of the board’s vote authorizing the release of the ‘privileged executive session employee personnel matter’ edited video being shown to the public; 2/9/17 or other ‘executive session’ minutes authorizing by the vote of the majority of the board to release any ‘privileged attorney-client’ memo or other documents paid for with Village funds as well as the cost paid the Brown, Hays, and Stevens to produce all documents and video editing
#380March 10, 2017John KraftVideo that people are currently having to sign in to view involving police department or one or more of its employees (1/21/17)
#381March 10, 2017Viewing“Wet Lab” (1/21/17) video footage viewing @ 4 p.m.
#382March 10, 2017Clark DirdenVideo footage (1/21/17)
#383March 10, 2017Samantha Olgetree/ Jacksonville JournalInvestigation report into “wet lab” and SJPD Chief Hallock
#384March 15, 2017Colby HuffFOIA requests filled out on-site at Village Hall that gave access to members of the public wishing to view video footage shown to Trustees during exec session re: Josh Hallock on 3/8/17 and/or 3/9/17
#385March 19, 2017Colby HuffPENDING
#386March 20, 2017Mike WoodyardPENDING
#387March 24, 2017Adam RaweVillage Board minutes documenting appointments of John Green, Wilbur German, Mike Broaddus, Josh Hallock, Ted Deen, David Hickox, and Dani Glascock (FOIA Officer) under Acting President Waltrip. And meeting minutes documenting appointment of Dani Glascock (FOIA Officer) under the Jumper administration
#388March 24, 2017Adam RaweFrom 1/1/17 records pertaining to requests for legal services, copies of invoices received from attorneys relating to requests for legal services requested by Dani Glascock or President Waltrip. All attorney related costs associated with Chief Hallock investigation.
#389March 24, 2017Tyson Manker3-page “Wet Lab”/Leaked Memo Timeline prepared by Clerk Dani Glascock and distributed during 3/23/17 Special Board meeting
#390March 28, 2017Colby HuffPENDING
#391April 5, 2017Brian WilsonCd of audio from special board mtg on 3/23/17
#392May 1, 2017Midwest SaltCompany we are currently purchasing from, type of salt, $/ ton, how its delivered, est. annual tonnage/ year
#393March 10, 2017John Kraftvideo footage from PD Wet Lab
#394May 17, 2017Kim Rawelist of water line breaks/ leaks recorded along Hardin and its cross streets from January 2012-present
#395December 4, 2017Colby HUffDocumentation from 2017 IL Municipal League Annual Conference
#396December 4, 2017Nick DraperReceipts and records for payments by the Village or reimbursements for the IL Municipal League Annual Conference
#397December 13, 2017Todd WarrickHow many calls SJFD responded to in 2014-2017.
#398December 20, 2017Todd WarrickHourly cost of running SJFD Engine 1 and ambulance. Current cost of turnout gear
#399December 20, 2017Todd WarrickBudgeted payroll for all non salary SJFD personnel for 2014-2016
#400December 28, 2017Todd WarrickHow many people make up a full roster of SJFD
#401December 28, 2017Todd WarrickWhat is the average # of SJFD personnel report to respond to alarm.
#402January 3, 2017Todd WarrickWhat is the basic rate for BLS and ALS for SJFD ambulance. How many mutual aid ambulance transport.
403January 2, 2017Todd WarrickOrdinance 1023
404January 5, 2017Todd WarrickAverage response time for any alarm by the SJFD within and outside VOSJ limits
405January 5, 2017Todd WarrickHow many Sq. Miles encompass VOSJ. How many residential home. Multi family dwellings, multi family dwellings with 2 or 3 levels. 4 or more levels. How many businesses in the VOSJ
406January 5, 2017Todd WarrickBusinesses with 25 or less employees in SJ, 26 or more employees, have a home sprinkler, how many have monitored fire alarm systems
407January 5, 2017Todd WarrickPopulation of SJ 1920-2018. Geographical square miles 1920-2010. How many member were on the SJFD roster 1920-2010
408January 18, 2017Bill DavisAudio and minutes for December 28, 2018 meeting
409May 08, 2018Kim RaweAudio recording from March 1, 2018 and May 3, 2018 board meetings. Committee Meeting February 29, 2018 and March 29, 2018
410June 14, 2018Colby HuffConcert in the cornfield 2017 documents
411June 20, 2018Karen GandyCertificates of Occupancy for 2350 South Main
412August 16, 2018Glenn OliverVendor list for water and wastewater from Jan 1, 2016-present (Contractors and Suppliers)
413September 6, 2018Brian GlascockAll agreements between SJ and Mediacom
414December 05, 2018Kim RaweSafe Route School documents
415December 31, 2018Karen KrizmanNominating petitions for each person who filed to run in the 2019 election

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