2019 VOSJ FOIA Requests

CY2019-1March 28, 2019MarkGodfrey Park Rehabilitation Project.
Needed: Bid Result, Awarded Contractor/amount, Start date of construction and completion date.
CY2019-2April 02, 2019Rick DialThe general contractors Certified Payroll per the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act 820ILCS 130/5
CY2019-3April 26, 2019Nicole LevesqueInformation regarding liquor license
CY2019-4May 01, 2019Stephen Heidelberg-Mediacom BusinessNew applicants business licenses. Name of Business, Owner, Address, Contact Number and date applied starting January 1, 2019.
CY2019-5June 06, 2019Tyson MankerCredit card invoices for all credit cards issued to employees, and officials of SJ since January 1, 2019.
VOSJ monthly payables since January 1, 2019
VOSJ FD payroll records since January 1, 2019.
CY2019-6June 17, 2019Kim RaweContract between South Jacksonville and Jacksonville for the use of sewer. Annual sewer reports for 2012-2019 that show gallons of flow for each month and contract cost for each month.
CY2019-7July 26, 2019WLDS-Ben CoxDocument or contract stating Alice Hancock’s full job description & salary and terms.
Similar job that was posted to Adecco’s temp agency prior.
Itemized list of duties for Zumbahlen, Eyth, Surratt, Foote, Flynn Ltd.
CY2019-8July 29, 2019Tyson MankerAll email communication between the Village of South Jacksonville email accounts mayor@southjacksonville.org and admin@southjacksonville and WLDS employees, agents, or representatives during the month of July 2019
CY2019-9July 31, 2019Morgan County watch dogsVideo of every VOSJ regular board meeting since May 2019, Committee meeting since May 2019 and any other meeting of the board of trustees since May 2019.
CY2019-June17, 2019Kim RaweContract between the VOSJ and City of Jacksonville for use of sewer treatment plant. Annual sewer rate report for 2010-present
CY2019September 26, 2019Stacey PinkertonMay 30th committee meeting audio
June 6th Board meeting audio
Cy2019September 26, 2019Stacey PinkertonAll emails to and from elected officials pertaining to County Pub 1724 S. Main
CY2019October 29, 2019Stacey PinkertonLetters sent to trustees from citizens of S. Jacksonville regarding tavern at 1724 S. Main
CY2019November 21, 2019Stacey PinkertonAudio from November 19 Committee meeting

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